Questions & Answers

Please find hereafter some questions (and answers) we are frequently asked. If the question you want to ask us does not appear in this list, you can gladly contact us.

Where can I find the nearest Monogramme boutique?


The nearest Monogramme boutique from your home... it's your home!

If you can not visit our showroom, we can meet you at your office or home. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will schedule a meeting during our next visit to your area. We travel throughout Switzerland and in neighboring France. We speak French, Italian, German and English. By appointment, we can of course also welcome you to our private shop in Bienne. During our meeting, without time constraint and in a relaxed atmosphere, we will make you discover all our models and samples of fabrics.

How can I recommend Monogramme to my friends and network?

Your satisfaction is our best advertisement. Feel free to talk about your Monogramme experience around you. We decided not to set up a real sponsorship program but we are sensitive to the recommendations and we will not forget to remember them. These recommendations can be made verbally, at work or at parties, as well as on our site, or on our LinkedIn page.

What is the difference between a ready-to-wear and a tailor-made suit?


​Whatever the quality of a ready to wear suit, it is as it is, in terms of fabric, options and size. It is certainly possible to modify it a bit, but only within certain limits. Beyond, the style will be denatured and the initial balance broken.


By making a tailor-made suit, you can choose the fabric, the buttons, the inner lining, the color of the collar felt, the number of buttonholes at the sleeves, the overall cut of the garment (straight, crossed, buttoned, etc.), the type of lapel, their width, etc. etc.


In addition, it will be perfectly tailored to your measurements, giving it a flawless fall and a perfect line. More than 60 points of adjustment of the pattern for the jacket and about thirty for the trousers allow us to adjust it to your morphology.


Whether your posture is stooped, normal or upside down, whether your shoulders are low, normal or high, whether you are very thin, tall or short, the garment will be perfectly balanced.


The finishes are also different; our jackets are not, for example, simply heat-sealed, they are interlaced in a artisanal (full canevas) or semi-artisanal way, in order to guarantee them a better hold and resistance in time, in particular following the many cleanings to which the garment will be subjected during its life.


Note that once your measures are taken, the "chore" of fittings is over. Indeed, your measurements are now recorded at Monogramme, to order your next clothes you just choose the fabric, cut and options. As long as your morphology has not changed too much ... if necessary, we will make minor adjustments.

Costumes et chemises sur mesure, mariage, Anzug, Hemd, Hochzeit, bespoke
Costumes et chemises sur mesure, mariage, Anzug, Hemd, Hochzeit, bespoke
Costumes et chemises sur mesure, mariage, Anzug, Hemd, Hochzeit, bespoke

How do you take measures ?


We do an initial fitting to determine your basic size for both the jacket and the pants. During this fitting, we proceed to the adaptation of the pattern, through various measurements and observations.


This pattern, personalized and unique, will then be used for cutting and making your suit. We would like to point out that we do not simply adapt stock clothes. Each one of our clothes are made up to 100% according to the desires and the measures of the customer.

Are there limits to achievable sizes?


As all our clothes are entirely made to measure, we can answer a variety of requests, ranging from the smallest sizes (T42 / stature less than 150 cm) to the largest (T82 / stature greater than 210 cm)!

Costumes et chemises sur mesure, mariage, Anzug, Hemd, Hochzeit, bespoke
Costumes et chemises sur mesure, mariage, Anzug, Hemd, Hochzeit, bespoke

Where are Monogramme clothes made?


All our clothes and accessories are 100% made in EUROPE: Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Germany and the Czech Rep. Czech. We ensure that our partners provide a suitable working environment and that their employees are considered with respect and dignity, without being confronted with unethical behavior.


We have valuable know-how in Europe, which deserves to be preserved and valued. The latter is unfortunately too often sacrificed on the altar of profit, labor being generally delocalized in Asia.


If we look at the environmental aspects, what is the final ecological balance of a product that crossed the planet, to be conveyed from the producer to the consumer?

Costumes et chemises sur mesure, mariage, Anzug, Hemd, Hochzeit, bespoke
Costumes et chemises sur mesure, mariage, Anzug, Hemd, Hochzeit, bespoke
Costumes et chemises sur mesure, mariage, Anzug, Hemd, Hochzeit, bespoke
Costumes et chemises sur mesure, mariage, Anzug, Hemd, Hochzeit, bespoke

What fabrics are available?


To realize our shirts and made to meaure suits, we work with the greatest weavers, such as Scabal, Loro Piana, Zegna, Vitale Barberis, Ariston, Holland and Sherry, Brismane Moss or Albini, Alumo and INDUO for shirts.

Can I take my measures and order online?


We want to preserve a high level of quality and a privileged customer relationship, incompatible with an online sales system.


To ensure that a suit fits perfectly, we use more than 60 pattern customizations, only for the jacket, and almost 30 for trouthers. Our notion of tailoring goes well beyond the length of sleeves and the width of the jacket ... Moreover, the choice of fabric is not limited to its color on the screen.


We believe that a quality garment is characterized by 3 components:


  1. The quality of the fabric: all our fabrics come from very famous European houses, such as Scabal, Vitale Barberis, Loro Piana, Zegna, Holland & Sherry, Ariston, Brismane Moss, Albini, etc. A fabric is like a good wine, so to appreciate its structure, its fluidity and its nuances of colors, it is essential to be able to touch it and to examine under a good light.

  2. The quality of manufacturing: a beautiful fabric can be totally devalued if the cutting and the assembly of the garment are not carried out with the greatest control. Our workshops benefit from a great know-how in the matter, which gives to our clothes a perfect quality of execution.

  3. Measurement and advice: at Monogramme, we believe that custmer relation is probably one of the most important part of the job. If we cannot meet our client, it will be not possible to take measurements accurately and therefore guarantee a perfect fitting of the suit, and of course, complete customer satisfaction.


We place great value on customer relations. When you come to Monogramme, you do not only "buy a garment", we strive to establish a relationship of trust, providing you with advice as relevant as possible, in a friendly and pleasant environment, to discover products that are exception.


What are the delivery times ?


To make a tailor-made garment, consider 3-4 weeks of delay. Depending on the fabrics, 5 weeks.

However, it is possible to reduce this period to 10 days (for fabrics in stock), with additional manufacturing and Express shipping costs.

What happens if my clothes do not perfectly suit me?


When your clothes are ready, we inform you to arrange an appointment. We proceed to the fitting. If there is an editing to do, which can never be excluded, we take it of course in charge. However, we can not be held responsible for any dissatisfaction with the selection of the cuts, colors and finishes selected by the customer.

We can nor be held responsible of any mis corresponding measures, in case of customer sould have taken or lost weight between the moment of measurements and the delivery. If necessary, any costs incurred may be borne by the customer.

What are the payment terms?


A deposit of 50% is requested when ordering, the balance being due to delivery (net). Payment can be made by bank transfer, payment slip, Twint (Swiss digital wallet), or by credit/debit card.

Can I bring my own clothes to choose fabrics for my new suits, that will fit together?


It is of course possible for you to bring your clothes during your visit to our showroom, or during our meeting at your office. We will be able to look for fabrics that fit perfectly, for example for shirts, pants mismatched with a jacket that you already have, or vice versa

What is the minimum order quantity for Baseline image clothing?


Our BASELINE clothing line is aimed at businesses. This line is available from 3 identical pieces, 3 jackets, 3 pants, 3 suits or 3 shirts. By identical, we mean fabric, finishes and cut (same fabric, lining, buttons, number and type of buttons, etc.). Each piece will of course be made to measure, perfectly adjusted to the measurements of the person who will wear it.