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Trend Book


Drago, Ermenegildo Zegna, Scabal, Loro Piana, Vitale Barberis Canonico or Holland & Sherry, these are nearly 500 new fabrics, from traditional craftsmanship, we received for the realization of your costumes, jackets, raincoats, pants and shirts tailored.

As with each change of season, we received our new collections of fabrics, in the colors and styles of the moment.


It is with pleasure that we will present them in the coming weeks, in order to create unique pieces, made to measure.


Whether you like traditional fabrics, which can be worn in all seasons, or finer and light, blends of linen and silks, you will always find a fabric that will meet your personal tastes: plain, striped, checkered, yarn wire, herringbone, hen's foot, Caviar cloth, etc.


It may be time to look at her summer wardrobe to prepare for the hottest temperatures with style and elegance.

Here are some examples from our new fabric collections for this season.


As usual, these fabrics are available in limited quantities, if you have a project, contact us now before they are exhausted.



This season we introduce 2 organic tropical wool collections.


These incredible cloth are woven to be natural stretch fabrics so they moves with you, providing amazing comfort and wrinkle resistance.

These cloth are stain resistant, waterproof, and provide protection from the sun’s UVA rays.

Drago Bluefeel and Loro Piana Australis are available in more than 100 classic suit and trouser fabrics, including 12 wonderful blazer colors.

Style and Trends


Jackets and suits are still worn relatively close to the body, with shoulders adjusted and relatively flexible. For your less formal outfits, the style is always the "sprezzatura", this "worked nonchalance" so dear to the elegant Italian.


Our "Smart Casual" unstructured jackets have been created in this spirit and are made with a very soft interlining and without (or very little) shoulder pads. Italian class! Among the novelties of this year, we will quote the Saharienne jacket, the wide and "rounded" lapels, the big return of the crossed jacket, etc.


The chino pants are still very fashionable this season and will be the perfect companion for your "Smart Casual" jackets. Halfway between a formal and casual outfit, it is very aesthetic, practical (machine washable at 30 °) and comfortable (stretch fabrics).

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Rules and "basics"


The masculine fashion that wants to be elegant also has its rules or rather its imperatives, which one can not do at least. New fashions and new trends are sometimes so marked that we end up, wrongly, believing that certain rules are out of date. This is not so in the world of fashion and especially in the world of classical fashion.


In order to dispel any doubt, the wool factory Vitale Barberis Canonico decided to create a chapter devoted to recurring questions in order to elucidate the problems that men's fashion can pose. A course of action for those who do not want to make mistakes, especially on special occasions.


Gentlemen Wardrobe, by Vitale Barberis Canonico

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