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Monogramme Bespoke Line

Monogramme offers Bespoke services in the pure sartorial spirit of greatest traditional Italian houses.

Entirely hand-made by experienced and passionate craftsmen, our Bespoke line offers sartorial details, such as the traditional "full canvas" interlining of course.

No need anymore to cross the world to meet your personal Bespoke tailor!

By appointment, we can meet you at one of our private shoorooms, at your office or at your home.

3 fittings are usually required, consider a delivery time between 6 and 8 weeks. 

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Monogramme Bespoke 3.JPG
Monogramme Bespoke 1.JPG
Monogramme Bespoke 2.JPG
Monogramme Bespoke 6.JPG
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